Bare All Figurative


whether your thighs flirt with the suspense of a light peck

or if they’re mushed together like two teenagers

experimenting with tongue for the first time;

whether your stomach is sculpted like the statues in the Louvre

or if it ripples like your bed sheets 

surviving the push and pull of our night;

whether your skin glows like the honey in my tea

or if it’s an ivory atmosphere 

filled with clouds, lightning bolts, and stars;

it does not matter

for your matter is yours

and yours only

and that is what matters.

your body is only an accessory 

for your mind and spirit

a home for your soul to live

your body was not meant to be picked apart and judged by its own essence

your body was made by the stars 

to let you






be proud of what your body can do

and your body will be proud of you, too

- Jordin David